Bahman Hospital


The Hospital's mission is to provide quality medical care that values the human life and dignity, and through offering medical services for every patient regardless of race, sex, and beliefs with the help of highly specialized medical and nursing teams; while it aims at presenting a bright picture about the practice and implementation of quality health programs. Bahman Hospital strive continuously develop its human resources who will strive to spread and plant the seeds of good under the slogan

** Doing  good for health **


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Bahman Hospital

 Beirut -Lebanon - Haret Hreik - Adjacent To Al-Hassanein Mosque .

 Tel: 961-1-544000 0r 961-3-544000 , Fax: 961-1-559947.

Email:  bahmanhospital@bahmanhospital.com

P.O.Box 128/25.